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Prosthetics is one of the most complex disciplines in dentistry. This for many reasons: the space for mistakes is reduced to a minimum, patients are emotionally bind to the appearance of their smile, patients need to chew with our restorations, articular and muscular "comfort" is strictly related to the position and the shape of our artificial teeth, and much more...


Dr. Stefano Gracis has been invited to discuss about the importance of an aspect that involve all clinicians: Treatment Planning.

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Operative Dentistry

Operative Dentistry is one of the most important discipline in dentistry. It is widely used but at the same time can be very complex to perfom in a very high level and especially if the tooth structure conservation become one of our primary goals together with functional and esthetic rehabilitation of our patients.


Dr. Roberto Spreafico and Dr. Federico Ferraris, will present Live Webs respectively on direct restorations of anterior and posterior teeth.

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With the increasing predictability of Implant Dentistry many clinicians think that Periodontology, especially resective procedures, have a limited future.

In reality, it is an opinion of many that Periodontal Treatment is fundamental in order to treat properly even patients selected to receive Implant Therapy.

The concept that positioning an implant is more predictable than keeping a tooth is not accepted anymore.


Dr. Giano RIcci will describe which are the practical reasons why it is fundamental to keep in our mind the Periodontal concept when we treat our patients selected to receive dental implants.

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Osseointegrated Implantology ha changed dramatically modern dentistry and has became of critical importance in Treatment Planning our patients. It is anyway of utmost importance to focus our attention to the real indications that implants have in order to maintain an ethical approach in regards of our patients.


Internationally renowned speakers such as Prof. Massimo Simion, Dr. Stefano Parma Benfenati and Prof. Tiziano Testori, have been selected to share their incredible experience in regards of practical topics and to give simple indications to utilize during the treatment of established or future edentulisms.

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Orthodontics plays a fundamental role in the Treatment Planning not only of young patients or kids, but also in adults. Periodontology, Implant  and Restorative Dentistry can benefit dramatically from the results of Orthodontic Treatments.


Dr. Marco Rosa, Dr. Renato Cocconi and Prof. Mirco Raffaini, will discuss respectively about topics strictly related to Treatment Planning of missing lateral incisors and Class II Patients.

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About Ideat

IDEAT Italy is an institution that has as its goal the organization, promotion and dissemination of scientific events in dentistry mainly via the Internet (Live Web or video conference), but also through hands-on courses for dentists and dental technicians.


The objective of this project are: Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness.

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