DSD Hands-On
DSD Hands-On


After having organized many DSD Courses and having met more than 700 participants and more than 65 participants per course, we have decided to change the DSD course organization.




We analized the following:


1. Many participants, enthusiastic during the course, once finished did not applied the DSD has much they would have liked. This, most likely, is due to the fact that they did not have the chance to apply in practice during the course what they were learning.


2. We realized that if the number of particpants would have been smaller, the efficacy of the course could have been higher.


Andrea has organized a whole new format of his DSD Course, mostly practical, limited to 12 participants in order to establish a one-to-one learning experience!


This allows to have a better learning outcome and a one-to-one relationship between Andrea and the participant.


There are 2 main reasons to take Andrea's Course:


1. "I have never taken a DSD Course and I want to be introduced to it! 


If your intention is to start from the beginning and you want to be introduced to the concepts from the basics. This course will allow you to apply all the steps on your computer. You will understand how to use the tools available on your computer on a everyday basis. The objective of this course is to make you confident with the use of your digital equipment. Only very small courses can allow this.


2. "I have taken a theoretical course (such as DSD World Tour) and I cannot apply the concepts as I would like!"


This course is a great occasion to refresh some of the theoretical concepts, but mainly it is organized to be practical and to learn the tools and the tricks in order to be able to use the DSD in an everyday basis. Only a one-to-one course can provide enough support to learn the details of this protocol.


  Dr. Andrea Ricci

Registration fee:
1,190.00 € before 9/19/2015
1,390.00 € after 9/19/2015
(22% VAT excluded)

Course Fee 1,190 € (+22% vat)
If you register before September 9th, 2015


For more informations or registrations, write to:


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About Ideat

IDEAT Italy is an institution that has as its goal the organization, promotion and dissemination of scientific events in dentistry mainly via the Internet (Live Web or video conference), but also through hands-on courses for dentists and dental technicians.


The objective of this project are: Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness.

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