One of the most complex and yet important phase of the Treatment of Function and Esthetics is Diagnosis, the Treatment Planning and the Communication with all the members of the Team and the Patient.


The Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a new protocol to permorm a thorough Diagnosis utilizing a specific protocol and sequence of Digital Photos and a computer without any need of specific softwares or sofisticated devices.


IDEAT organises, in the beautiful scenario of the "Salone delle Feste" of Palazzo Capponi in Florence (Italy), the Digital Smile Design Courses held by Dr. Christian Coachman and Dr. Andrea Ricci.


The course is divided in four parts:


DSD Prep - "The Tools"

DSD Concept - Theory and live demostration on patient

DSD Hot - Hands-On Course - Live on participants' patients

DSD Clinic - See how Christian and Andrea apply the concepts on their patients

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Prosthodontics courses

A full-immersion course where basic and advanced concepts are discussed.


A great part of the course is dedicated to practical sessions.


The official language is english.

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Photography and Video courses

This type of courses want to provide practical hints in order to immediately apply the concept in each own clinic.

Great part of the courses is dedicated to practical sessions.

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About Ideat

IDEAT Italy is an institution that has as its goal the organization, promotion and dissemination of scientific events in dentistry mainly via the Internet (Live Web or video conference), but also through hands-on courses for dentists and dental technicians.


The objective of this project are: Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness.

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