What is IDEAT?


IDEAT Italy (Institute of Dental Education And Therapy) is an institute that has as final goal the organization, the promotion of scientific events in dentistry.

Two are the Main Features...



IDEAT Italy brings directly to your computer, live, some of the most important experts of each specialty in dentistry to whom you can ask questions live, immediately after the lecture. This is possible due to Live Webs or Webinars live on Internet.

The speakers in 2011 are: Massimo Simion, Roberto Spreafico, Stefano Parma Benfenati, Federico Ferraris, Marco Rosa, Tiziano Testori, Stefano Gracis, Giano Ricci, Mirco Raffaini, Renato Cocconi, Christian Coachman, Livio Yoshinaga e Andrea Ricci.





IDEAT Italy organizes in the incredible scenario of the "Salone delle Feste di Palazzo Capponi" in Florence (Italy), the DSD (Digital Smile Design) courses. The DSD is a Concept/Protocol that simplifies dramatically the esthetic diagnosis, the planning, the communication between all the Team Members and last but not lest it increases the Treatment Planning Patients' acceptance.

IDEAT organises the introductory course, the demonstration course and the hands-on course live on patients (go to the DSD - Digital Smile Design webpage).


How it works?


A Live Web is an online lecture, slide or video presentation that can be viewed from any computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone.

The main difference from other types of e-learnings (FAD) is that, thanks to very sophisticated hardware and software platforms, the lecture is transmitted “live” from the speaker’s computer.

This feature enables a very effective interaction between the participants and the speaker allowing them to make questions “live” and consequently taking actively part to the event. This makes the conference extremely vital and interesting, and allows the speaker to transfer the message in a very stimulating way.

The Live Web transforms the passivity of courses and congresses in active interaction through chat and questions. This increases the interaction between the speaker and partecipants.

This new method of communication allow the join lectures remaining in your office or in your favorite sofa or desk in front of your laptop, iPad or iPhone.

There is no need to leave your office and consequently cancel appointments or reserve nights in an hotel, it is not necessary to install additional software, all you need is a computer connected to internet through DSL and the speakers turned on. All the benefits that this implies is very clear.


Advantages of Live Webs:


Simplicity - To participate to a Live Web is very simple. You just need to be in front of a computer connected to internet with a fast connection (DSL), with an e-mail address, speakers turned on and an internet browser running (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, ecc.)

Interaction - Live Webs allow to view on your own computer the speaker’s screen exactly the same way it happens during a course or a congress but being in your office or home. Through a simple user interface it is possible to write questions live during the lecture or the “round table” that will be read immediately by the speaker and consequently can be answered live. It is also possible to talk and do a video-conference live with the lecturer (exactly like skype).

Time Saving - The participant can follow the Live Web from everywhere a fast internet connection is available. Usually the Live Web is transmitted after hours, usually around 7:00 pm and the duration is approximately 45 minutes for the presentation and 15-30 minutes for questions and answers.

Cost of transfer - The participant doesn't have to move away from its own location to reach the course site. This allows an incredible reduction of costs for transfers (car, train or airplane), food expenses and accommodations. Above all, since Live Webs are mainly organized in the evening of week days, there is no need to cancel appointments of taking days off.

Economy - Participate to a Live Web is very convenient. Special offers are available for Live Webs at a reduced price.


Becoming a member

How to Become Affiliate Members?
To become affiliated member is very easy. You just need to register, completely free, to www.ideatitaly.com

Advantages of Affiliate Members?
You will be updated on LIve Webs and On-Site Corses.
You will receive discount packages on the purchase of Live Web Series.

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About Ideat

IDEAT Italy is an institution that has as its goal the organization, promotion and dissemination of scientific events in dentistry mainly via the Internet (Live Web or video conference), but also through hands-on courses for dentists and dental technicians.


The objective of this project are: Quality, Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness.

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